Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Summer of BETA TEST Marketing Begins! ONLY 99₵!

Hey, remember when I wrote that book, BETA TEST, and it went on to become a big-ass best-seller? Good times.

Of course, now it's time for BETA TEST's second act! (Not a sequel. God no. I don't have a sequel. Yet.) I mean it's time for the SUMMER OF BETA TEST MARKETING!

Starting tomorrow, I launch a blog tour (thanks to Bewitching Blog Tours) aimed squarely at letting the world know, once again, that there's a funny, scary, thoughtful novel out there full of adventure and romance and dinosaurs. And a platypus.

As part of this SUMMER OF BETA TEST MARKETING CAMPAIGN EXTRAVAGANZA (I changed the name just now), my publisher at Hadley Rille Books is dropping the price on ebook versions of BETA TEST to only 99 measly cents! That's right, for less than a buck you can put this novel on your Kindle or Nook

So I ask you—spread the word. Repost, retweet, re-status-update this info. Even more important, if you have read BETA TEST, write a review of it for me on Amazon or Good Reads.

And by the end of the summer, I promise, I'll have something else out there for your reading pleasure. 

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