Friday, April 6, 2012

Talking Books with Students and Librarians

It's four months since BETA TEST came out and this month things got interesting in areas I never expected. Locally I've been approached to come talk about the book with a college class and with librarians!

The first group is the Science Fiction and Religion class at my ol' alma mater, Ithaca College. I'll go in for a couple of classes later this week. I will be forced to confess my lack of "belief" in a diety and wholesale ignorance of 90% of scripture, then we can dive right into just how BETA TEST touches on  religion anyway, because that's how I do. 

Second, I'm gonna speak in may with a group of librarians from the South Central Regional Library Council who are reading the book as part of their monthly discussion series! And later this year I'll be heading home to Hornell to talk to the library there, too. (That's the library I used growing up, where I once read so many books in one summer I won a plane ride over the Canisteo Valley, and later read all the 87th Precinct novels they had on hand. Good times.) 

If you've got a bookstore, class, library, or group that wants to talk BETA TEST with the author, I bet he'll show up. Hell, even if it's by Skype. 

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