Monday, August 22, 2011

An Open Letter to US Airways about Customer Service @USAirways

US Airways, I don't have much choice but to fly with you... you're one of the two airlines that flies out of my local airport, and I like to support it, plus I am cheap and hate to pay for parking in other cities.

All that said, while I acknowledge that airlines are easy targets these days...we should have a chat about customer service. Let's use my own experience as an example.

Take, for instance, yesterday, Sunday August 21st. I started my day leaving Reno. I dutifully checked my not-very-large suitcase when I got my boarding pass, and did not once complain that you charged me an extra $25 for the privilege of having my luggage accompany me in your cargo holds. I know airlines have it tough. Like I said, I'm lazy and don't want to drag the suit case through four airports and drop it on people's heads when I try to get it in the overhead.

So when the plane is not even boarding and the worker at the gate for flight 521 from Reno to Phoenix starts checking bags FOR FREE (because a computer told him there might not be room for them all), I'm a little pissed.

Fast forward several hours...