Monday, December 19, 2011

BETA TEST Guest Blog with Kat Archer

I was very lucky to make a dear friend at WorldCon in 2009 in Montreal. Katrina Archer is a another grad of VP, but from a different year, and yet all of us from year XI consider her one of us, one of us, one of us. She's a writer and software engineer and project manager in the world of video games and hell, she once worked at Pixar long enough to get her name on patents they filed, which I find unspeakably cool. She also speaks French, which is sexy as hell, and invaluable when you're in Montreal, not because people there don't speak English, but they like you more if you have a French-speaker with you. She also caught H1N1 that year, which sucked.

Maybe 2009 was just better for me. It was also the same year I pitched BETA TEST to my publisher, so it has a lot of significance. Which brings me around today: Kat featured me in a guest post on her blog, where she has a feature called Prime Writing to showcase authors. Take a look! She even blew up the book logo big on the top of the page. 

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